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For the fourth time, Eurogas is organising a conference dedicated to the gas market in Central and Eastern European countries. The 2018 edition will take place in Vienna on 8-9 October.


The conference will address the issue of “Achieving sustainable energy in Central and Eastern Europe”. It will discuss how a well-functioning and innovative gas market can make a long-term contribution to the EU’s climate and energy goals, as well as how gas can help decarbonise the heating sector and improve air quality, both crucial aspects to sustainable energy and the future of gas in the region.


The conference will address how the functioning of the European gas market can be further improved, how new products can stimulate the market, and how domestic and industrial customers as well as the climate and air quality can benefit more.


Regarding the decarbonisation of the heating sector, we will look at the potential of gas – natural, decarbonised and renewable – its flexible use in combination with electricity, and how to overcome possible barriers.


The programme is composed of an afternoon visit on 8 October to the Baumgarten gas hub, followed by dinner. The Central and Eastern European conference will take place on 9 October. Please check the ‘Programme’ page for more information.


The conference will bring together policymakers, regulators, academia, energy customer representatives and business leaders to discuss the topics and to develop relevant ideas and strategies. If you are interested in the role of gas in the energy transition in Central and Eastern Europe, join us for what will no doubt be an interesting and engaging debate.